National Stallion Show (English)

NWPCS National Stallion Show. Photo: Theo ten Brinke
NWPCS National Stallion Show. Photo: Theo ten Brinke

The NWPCS National Stallion Show 2022 is held Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of February in Ermelo. Due to COVID-19, the grading show 2022 will be held without any adience. We’ll have a livestream available, so you don’t need to miss anything of the show! The timetable will be available a.s.a.p.

Welcome to the NWPCS National Stallion Show

The Dutch Welsh Pony and Cob Society (NWPCS) is very happy to welcome the numerous foreign visitors to the NWPCS National Stallion Grading Show (CHK) at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo.

The NWPCS was founded in 1959. Along with the National Stallion Show (CHK) at the beginning of February each year, the NWPCS annually organizes six regional shows (RK) and the National Mare Grading Show (CMK) which is held in August.

Stallion Licensing

Due to Dutch Horse Law, the NWPCS stallion licensing in 1959 until 1995 differed from the licensing in the United Kingdom. A stallion only received a licence if it was accepted by the national judging committee. Additional requirements included approval by a veterinarian and a correct pedigree confirmed by a DNA-test (both parents). In order for offspring to be registered in the NWPCS-studbook, this was obligatory, even if the stallion was already licensed according to the procedures in the UK.

An important change was made by us in 1995. From that point on, the licensing of Welsh stallions sections A, B, C and D became identical to the procedure in the United Kingdom. All offspring of stallions who obtaine a license in this way are registered in our studbook. As a result, our National Stallion Show has become a show where stallions can additionally get approved as an NWPCS breeding stallion (stamboekhengst). Thus, for a Welsh Pony or Cob to be registered in the NWPCS Studbook it is not necessary to have an NWPCS approved sire, but quite a number of breeders and owners prefer to use such an approved stallion over a licensed stallion.

However, when breeding and / or showing a Welsh, there is no difference between the offspring of a licensed stallion and that of a stallion approved at the NWPCS Stallion Show.

NWR: Dutch Welsh Ridingpony

Apart from the 5 regular sections of the WPCS, the NWPCS has added a sixth: the Dutch Welsh Ridingpony (NWR). This is in fact a Welsh Partbred with a minimum of 25% registered Welsh blood crossed only with Arabian, Anglo-Arabian and/or English Thoroughbred. The aimed height of the NWR is between 146 and 148cm (14.2hh).

Like the other NWPCS-approved stallions, in order for an NWR stallion to become an NWPCS approved stallion, it has to be accepted by the national judging committee, approved by the vet and DNA-tested. In addition, the NWR-stallion needs to have successfully completed a performance test.